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Why Choose Cyber Security Helpdesk?

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National support team ready, willing and able to serve our clients. Available onsite within 4 working hours of your contact.


Our First Response team ensures every cyber incident receives a rapid service time without compromising quality.


Every enquiry is dealt with on a confidential basis by our professional team utilising a secure technology platform.


IT, Data Protection, Legal, Communications experts adopt a meticulous and systematic approach to each incident.

Supporting UK Business.

All Sectors, All Sizes.

All Fees Payable In Advance of Initial Incident Response Site Visit. Subject to VAT and Terms and Conditions

Cyber Security Helpdesk responds to a wide variety of incidents, including:

  • Financial Crime – Bank Account or Payment card theft, illicit cash transfers, extortion and ransomeware
  • Intellectual Property – Theft of proprietary, confidential trade secrets or other commercially sensitive information
  • Insider Threats – Inappropriate and unlawful activity carried out by employees, consultants, workers, vendors and other insiders and
  • Personally Identifiable Information – Theft or other exposure of data used to identify individuals
  • Destructive Attacks – Attacks solely intended to cause commercial harm or render systems or data irretrievable